Louise Tyseng, born on the 5th of February 1978, is a Swedish singer songwriter, artist and producer.

Her music can be described as cinematic, singer songwriter pop with influences from the electronica scene. Her lyrics are focused on story telling.

Working behind the scenes in the Swedish music industry as a session vocalist for music publishing companies and record labels since 2005, management companies started to approach her, showing interest in signing her as an artist.

When showing her own material however, no one believed that it would have a commercial mass appeal. Unhappy with the image and songs presented to her, the struggle to find the right team of people for a possible launch of an album with her own songs started.

-One Swedish manager once told me while courting me to sign with his company
"You are to good you have to write for 8 million Eurovision-song-contest-loving Swedes and they won't get your music "

Shortly thereafter she was offered to participate in the Swedish Eurovision song contest, again not with her own material. -I turned it down and started to focus on how to build up an interesting label in a time where the music industry was beginning to drop sales.

I said to myself, maybe I should try writing for 1,3 billion Chinese people instead?
China is an up-and-coming, untapped market, interested in the western culture.

Adding a background within the finance world and accounting on her CV as well as the free-lance experience of the music industry, the step to form a production company and record label came natural.

During 2007 she toured and lived in China, performing some of her songs in Chinese.
An experience that included live performances with traditional Chinese instruments, replacement gigs for UK legend Pete Tong in front of 1500 Chinese people and a close encounter with the rough Chinese business system being carried out from an office when coming to collect the gage for performed gigs.

-It was hilarious. The cultural clashes were many. Especially being a blonde Swedish woman
Louise Tyseng recalls with a smile.

Back in Sweden she called former colleague Brady Blade (Emmylou Harris, Bob Dylan) to help her produce the lead single "Analogies" from her EP and forthcoming album "Analogies".

The single is officially released May 24th, 2011 and is being backed up by a music video inspired by the Chinese cinematic pictures Hero and Flying daggers, using wires and martial art movements.

-People have asked me why I have turned down offers and refuse to compromise when it comes to my songwriting. It has been important to me to share the experience I have when writing the song.

I have been in situations where I have written about a tough emotional experience, traveled half the sphere to tell my story in the local language and someone in the audience could recognize themselves in my tale.

That is a powerful experience and I believe that's what art is about, it's about creating a platform where people can meet beyond boarders and cultural clashes.

The full album "Analogies" will be released fall 2011.